Our Services:

We serve the Walla Walla, WA area by offering full service pre-fabricated/pre-engineered steel structures built to fit your needs!


Commercial buildings can be a challenge regardless of the construction process. Today we have the capacity to exploit the essential ideas of pre-engineered steel structures (speed and low cost) and utilize them to fabricate structures that meet and surpass industry standards. Steel building can be built 30% faster than the conventional method, they last longer, are easier to maintain and cost less to insure!

Shop & Utility

Whether your shop and utility building is going to be used for commercial or residential use or as a repair facility, garage for your vehicle, boat, or RV, KC Industries Inc. has many options available to help you with your design and layout. Call one of our Building Specialists so we can assist you through the planning and development process from the beginning to the completion. .


We can offer clear-span building widths up to 250' and bay sizes up to 60' wide (Long-Bay Systems) when the design calls for it. We can also design your structure to support a variety of different crane systems, roof top air handling units and various other point loads that may be vital to your facility. For buildings that require a Climate Controlled Environment, KC Industries Inc. can incorporate wall and roof panels that provide some of the highest R-Values in the industry.

Aircraft Hangars

We offer a variety of aviation buildings ranging from small personal hangars to large commercial hangars. Our staff of Building Specialists can assist you in designing the building - and door - that is right for you.


We offer several styles of frame systems that are designed to achieve a traditional looking agricultural structure, all while utilizing the latest technology in pre-engineered steel framing. The results are amazing!


We will help you plan and design a building to best suit your needs. Along with the advances in design capabilities for pre-engineered buildings there has also been tremendous growth in products to support the arena style steel building market. Unlike Pole Barns, pre-engineered steel buildings can offer clear-span floor space for more than 200 feet.

Storage Units

We can provide you with the most efficient and economical design regardless of the type of storage facility. From a mini-storage facility for RV's, boats or warehouse storage, to the more complex buildings, we have the solution for your project. Utilizing the latest technology available, our single or multi-story Climate Controlled facilities with our insulated panel systems provide the best protection for items requiring strict temperature control.

Express Line

“Express Line Structures” is a building line that is designed to save you time and money without sacrificing structural quality or standard options and features. Other companies have special building lines that claim to save money, but they typically take the most essential elements of the pre-engineered steel building concept away. Our design of “ExpressLine Structures” will offer you a true pre-engineered steel building with rigid frames and full trim with design loads that are specific to your area.